I Am Home

August 17, 2018

In last night I find myself on a train platform having arrived here.  I think I am in Palm Springs or New Orleans.  I am there with a couple people I know but not necessarily close friends.  One of those here is my ex Joe.  I’m not sure if I am with Joe or not I am wondering if I should be holding his hand or not.  Someone mentions there is a new resort that just opened up near the train station.  Walking by we look into the windows which reminds me of a convenience store.  I look in the windows and recognize the place as somewhere I’ve been before. The only difference now is they have revamped the reception area.  I don’t feel like going there.  Those in the group want to take a free tour of the new place. “I don’t want to do this,” I tell them and I proceed to sit on a park bench right next to the establishment.  It seems like a quiet area that has trees and shrubs.  It feels peaceful to sit here.  While I wait, I pull out my cell phone and notice it has changed.  It has new plug-ins that I recognize.  I know the functionality they provide before ever having seen them before.  I am surprised to see they are offering this type of controls and services on the phone.  There is a sense that these controls are cutting edge items from the future and should not be present in a phone yet.

After sitting there for a while I get tired of waiting and I don’t even know if I’m with him so I’m not sure why the hell I’m waiting.  I’m starting to get irritated.  I decide to call Joe on the phone.  I am looking at the dial pad but the numbers are mixed up.  The 2 is now a 1 and the 1 is now a 2.  I can’t see the remaining numbers to call.  Frustrated I begin walking to the train station to head back home.  One of the guys from the group of guys I was with comes out and begins following me.  I am so frustrated I turn and tell him.  Please leave me alone I don’t want you to walk with me.  Shunned he says behind taking a slightly different path to the station.  Once at the station the train arrives.  I realize I don’t yet have a ticket to board the train.  Knowing I don’t have a lot of time I have not other choice but to ask the guy I shunned to help me.  I ask him if he can direct me to where I can buy a ticket.  He point to a vending machine in the distance and says “Its only 10 franks which is less than the price of a beer.”

I try walking but my consciousness won’t budge.  I seem to be stuck in place.  I then try to fly but nothing is happening.  With no other recourse I look up at the sky and say, “Please dream take me home.”  My consciousness begins to move and immediately I woke up.


Once awake I was puzzled why I woke up.  I just wanted to go to the vending machine for a ticket.  I didn’t want to “wake up”.   After that thought sank in I realized wait a minute….  I am home.

I felt very bad for being so rude to the person in the dream who wanted to walk with me.  I thought he was interested enough to want to walk with me why was I so rude?   Here I am wanting friends in my life and when they show up all be it in a dream I am rude to them.

Looking back at the dream it seems so odd for the guy to comment about the 10 franks being less than the price of a beer since first off we use dollars and second I don’t drink beer.  He also seems quite unaffected by me pushing him away.  Its as if he wanted to be nice to me.