Little Terror

ETI had a dream where I am learning to fly.  I soar to incredible heights.  The feeling is exhilarating. They are pushing my limits beyond my comfort zone.  I am good at flying.  I begin to gain a sense of independence and freedom that I’ve never had before.  Alone now, I realize that I am nailed to a cross. It is not me who has the power of flight.  The bird that carries me is the wings of Christ.  Now I am the one nailed to the cross. This is my crucifixion.  In the ecstasy of flight I wonder if this is how Christ felt.  In pondering this mystery, I realize I am no longer alone.  Above me and above the cross are two others.  One is above me to my lift and the other is above to my right.  I am no longer one but three.  As three we fly as one.  Like training wheels on a child’s bike they guide and assist me in flight. 


I then had a dream where I am a child.  I have been given a bicycle.  I grab hold of the rear wheel and the pedals begin to melt away.  How am I now supposed to provide thrust?  I then notice my hands.  My hands are like those of an alien with only three long index fingers and a thumb.   They tell me that it is my fingers that have melted the pedals.  I look at my hands again.  In doing so, I became lucid.  I realize this is yet another fear tactic. I know I am not an alien.  I quickly dispel the illusion and discover they had used spoons which were taped to my hands to give the shadow appearance of long fingers.  A struggle ensues between me and those aliens responsible for the illusion.  I know I am now confronting my fear of alienation.


Seeing my oppressors, I grab the alien’s wallet without him noticing.   I tear it in half and hide the pieces under my bed covers.  I figure it will buy me time to have hidden it in pieces.  The alien is now looking for his wallet.  He needs it in order to complete his mission.  As he ducks down to look for it, I catch him off guard and pierce his medulla oblongata with my pinky.   He in turns bites my pinky off leaving my pinky inserted deep in his brainstem. I then reached in with my other hand to retrieve my pinky.  I figured I could reattach it later.  The struggle continues with him frantically searching for his wallet. 


The struggle wakes me up.  As I open my eyes I can clearly see two alien beings one on either side of me.  Their energy signature was much different than other hypnopompic images I’ve seen.  This energy was more dense and dark green in nature. They had both my arms pinned down to the bed.  Without them noticing that I had woken up, I examined their movement carefully.  They have long heads which were clearly not human which made them very tall.  Both were busy holding my arms down while at the same time looking around the room for something…presumably their wallet. Realizing this was my opportunity to examine what alien life is really like.  I studied them carefully, remaining calm to maintain my state of altered awareness. 


After a few minutes, I felt I had had enough of their games, I pulled my right hand away from him. To my surprise he held on.  This is real, I thought to myself.  He was now looking at me face to face.  To my surprise he was wearing a human face.  Slightly taken off guard by his change in appearance and his grip, I paused for a second to relax again and consider my options. They resumed their business.  Thinking this can’t be really happening…I pulled my arm away from him again but this time with greater force.  He immediately turned and looked at me.  The quick and forceful movement of my arm slugged him in the face knocking his mask off.  He quickly readjusted his human mask like a woman adjusting her bra.  My hand was now free however.  He then grabbed my hand again and slapped it as if to tell me I shouldn’t do that.  I was already clued in to him being a fake. 


Now however I was free from their grip.  I laid there looking at both of them.  I then found myself in their mind.  I could see what their life was like.  I could see them going about their business.  Their world is dark black and green with very little light.  It is a shadow world.  They wear hoods to hide their features.  I wanted to see them so I asked my consciousness to move about within their world.  I wanted to see their faces.  Their world began to speed up as if they were running from me avoiding me.  I then saw their face and realized they had no love in their world.  The images of their world began to slowly slip away.  I then raised my palms to my two alien visitors who were still standing beside me now in a trance.  I mentally released their wallet and sent love with them into their world.  I could see waves of luminous blue light pulsating through their essence as streams of love flowed through me and into their world.  I could still see everything they were experiencing in their minds.  


I was utterly amazed at the encounter.  I got up out of bed and walked over to the bathroom.  I noticed the dog I have sitting on the banister in the hallway. He now had a new scarf around his neck.  It was a black scarf.  It had a white scull and cross bones with the words, “Little Terror” on it.  This was not a scarf I had in my house or that I placed around his neck.  I do have a roommate now, so I assumed he placed it on him when he came home last night.  Had he unknowingly carried out their dirty work?  Coincidence, I think not.  I’ll have to ask him tonight if he was the one who gave him the scarf. 


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