Look, He Sees Himself, Send in the Clown

Creepy ClownThis night was too creepy and bizarre in the dream.  The night started with my having difficulty falling asleep.  It was probably because I had myself a piece of carrot cake before going to bed.  Anytime I have something sweet before bed is always a recipe for trouble, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation for a piece of cake.  The cake did however help me remain lucid and conscious during most of the dream.  The dream starts off with me piloting a see through plane over a great body of water.  The body of the plane is made of some form of jelly substance.  Joe is with me as my co-pilot.  I’m teaching him how to maneuver the plane. With Joe now piloting the plane, we begin having problems staying airborne and I’m not paying attention to what he is doing.  The plane comes critically low toward the surface of the water and its belly skirts the sea. 

I’m then asked to choose as if I’ve played this game before.  I somehow know my options.  I can either take a reading to see my future or do a retake.  Without even thinking, I elect to do a retake.  A retake allows me to change the basis upon which my future would be decided.  It is a very risky move but has a high payoff if successful.  The retake allows me to take possession of my own reading and craft it with my own hands.  I am handed a wad of dough with which to form my reading.  The wad of dough is transforming before my eyes taking on a life of its own.  I am molding it keeping it contained long enough to change the outcome.  I notice it begins to grow hair and a face then emerges.  It is my face.  I feel compassion for who I am.  I hear a voice say, “Look, he sees himself.”  The face begins to then morph into a wormhole.  The wormhole is alive with a mouth like that of an anemone.  I place my fingers along the edge of the mouth.  The creature begins to draw me into itself.  I pull back barely managing to escape. 

I let go of the wormhole creature taking a few steps back.  Nothing happens for a few seconds and I’m thinking everything is ok now when all of the sudden a person emerges from the wormhole.  It is the devil himself appearing as me looking like a bald headed clown with an oversized forehead.  There is an initial shock.  Something pulls me from behind as if to embrace me in a gesture of protection.  The clown then yells out to me in a guttural tone, “STAND UP!” 

Knowing I’m not alone, I stand and lift my palm to him as rays of blue healing light come streaming forth from my hand.  Enveloped by the light the creature begins to shrink and withdraw.  It did not however withdraw completely.  I never returned to a full sleep as I continued to be on alert expecting it to return. 

Later in the night it did return once again approaching me in an attempt to menace and intimidate me.  Half asleep, I raised my palm above my head again.  Once again I could see the blue rays of healing light flow from me through my palm but this time the entity did not back down.  It came right up on me and pressed its hand against mine.  Startled by the touch, I immediately woke up from my half sleep.  As I opened my eyes, I could see the image of the clown floating above my bed.  My arm was outstretched preventing him from approaching any closer.  The energy was right up against my hand.  It slowly dissipated.  

Having to use the bathroom, I got up out of bed and confidently marched down the hallway to the bathroom, when something odd struck me in the dark hallway.  I have a little clown that has legs and arms made of yarn. I have had this clown for more than 25 years.  He has always sat on my banister for nearly as long as I have had him.  I sit him such that he stratles banister along the hallway where the banister meets the wall.  My clown was no longer sitting propped up against the wall but instead midway along the banister.  I continued down the hall toward the bathroom.  I knew something had moved my clown.  I flushed the toilet and proceed down the hall running my hand along the banister.  I gently grabbed my clown as I went by and slid him back where he normally sits propped up against the wall.  I returned to bed.  I then began to meditate.  While deep in my meditation I saw a woman slithering like a serpent on her belly.  I knew who it was.  As she slithered away she raised her head and turned to look at me.  As she turned a mirror was raised in the distance and I saw her reflection in the mirror.  I then held my hand out in front of my face with my index finger pointing up to indicate the number one.  I could see my spirit but my spirit cast no reflection in the mirror.  I knew then I was successful at realigning my future. 

About an hour later my alarm clock rang and I got up to get ready for work.  As I walked down the hallway I noticed something else out of place.  I have a little stuffed dog that hangs over the banister where the banister turns to head down the stairs.  I’ve had him on my banister for more than 17 years.  He normally faces the hallway and looks at you as you walk by.  Someone had turned him around.  Now he was pointing the other way as if to moon me when I walk by.

Regarding the Dark Forces, I know it to be a creation based on illusion.  It has power only as long as we believe in the illusion.  The biggest threat to the Dark Side is our awakening.  The day we see ourselves for who we realy are all illusion will fall away.  I recently received this message from my friend Sal Rachele who is a gifted channel.  He summed it up for us nicely so I will share it here with everyone. 

Although the idea of “dark forces” is based on illusion, within the lower four densities of Creation the dark forces seem to have power and control over many souls. In reality, there is only God. Everything is God, including those who believe there is a force that opposes God. Nevertheless, because we are all powerful, creative beings (created in the image and likeness of our Creator), we are capable of creating a great deal of misery and suffering. Just look around at the world and you’ll see what I mean. We have been given free will, which means we can either create like our Creator, or create unlike our Creator. If we believe there is a force that opposes God, that force will seem to take on a life of its own for us. We can then believe that this force controls and manipulates us and that we are powerless to overcome it.The main reason for the intense upheaval currently taking place is because all that is false must be brought to the light and dispelled. The dark forces are desperate to maintain their illusion of control over the souls of Earth so they are “pulling out all the stops” and launching a massive attack on the lightworkers of the world. Of course, this is ridiculous since in truth we cannot be assailed. However, if we have any unintegrated parts of ourselves that still believe attack is possible, then those parts will go through fear and other forms of upset.On the Earthly plane, we have souls who are hell-bent (pun intended) on destroying this planet with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We have been repeatedly informed that the benevolent beings assisting from the higher realms have been given permission to intervene and prevent us from blowing ourselves up. This is because there are enough lightworkers on Earth now that it would be a violation of our free will to experience nuclear war. Certain governments, intent on using nuclear weapons to further their agendas, are realizing that these weapons will not be allowed and are scrambling to find some other way of maintaining their illusion of control and dominance over Earth souls.Meanwhile, we are being called upon to send loving compassion and prayers to these misguided souls. Although they must freely choose to embrace the light, sending a positive force field of light to them can cause a shift to take place, at least in those “dark” souls that have some aspects of self willing to embrace the light. Therefore, increasing our prayers and love toward those who have forgotten their Oneness with God is paramount at this time. All souls are created in the image and likeness of the Creator and there are none that deserve to be seen with less than loving compassion. Let’s all remember this the next time insanity appears to have the up

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