Love of Corn

July 26, 2018

Last night I had a dream where I want to plan dinner out for my partner and our mothers.  The purpose of the dinner is to allow our mom’s to meet each other.  I have to be discrete about the invite because I don’t want others present to feel excluded by the invite.  Interestingly enough the dream doesn’t provide me with who my partner is.  I simply know the person of interest is my partner.  The mom’s meeting seems to be needed to seal the relationship.

During our dinner my partners mom gives me three corn plants.  I love fresh corn.  She tells me she knows how much I love the taste of corn and says I will be able to harvest my own from my garden.  The plants are about a foot tall.  I think about where in my garden I will plant the stalks where they will receive the greatest amount of sunlight possible to grow.


I looked up the symbolism of corn

Corn: Used in many Native American rituals, maize is a symbol of life, abundance, prosperity, growth and fertility.