Mary Magdalene A Ray of Light

Mary MagdaleneI just finished a course on the life of Mary Magdalene.  I never had the level of appreciation and respect for her that I do now.  I definitely glossed over her importance as I’m sure many Christians have.  I do know now that I want to read The Gospel of Mary.  The Gospel of Mary is one of the gospels that did not make the cut into the Bible that we know now.  One of the reasons I’m sure is because it was from the perspective a woman.  She literally was the 12th apostle or more accurately the 1st

One thing is for sure, she was the first to see the risen Christ.  I know it was not by chance that Christ revealed himself to her before anyone else.  This course illuminated the many theories about Mary and Jesus. Whether you subscribe to the possibilities raised or not it does raise new dimensions of thought surrounding their relationship. 

It is a love story so incredibly touching and non-traditional it resonates so deeply within my soul.  So many things I was simply unaware of.  Whether she was a prostitute, a lesbian or whatever else that might give them cause to want to stone her, she suffered greatly alongside Jesus.  Having experienced the Crucifixion had to have been heart wrenching for a loved one to endure.  I would have been completely devastated then to be taken up so high upon seeing the risen Christ would have been a rollercoaster ride of emotion to say the least.  What a beautiful angle to come in on this story.  It is so out of the box it is refreshing.  It shows a humanness so tender and yet so divine. 

Last night I had a dream, where I am angry at my brother’s wife Maggie for having disrespected my mother.  She is lying about her actions and I want her to come clean and admit and repent of what she has done but she does not she simply continues to lie and deny it.  She infuriates me so much I slap her across the face.  My brother then walks in and tells her he has finally had it with her.  She is begging him to reconsider his actions.  My brother refuses and in the heart ache of losing her and the decision which is forced upon him, he locks himself in a vaulted room and turns on the gas.  He is about to commit suicide because he can no longer endure the pain.  They look at each other through a glass window in the vaulted door. 

I am driving my mom around in a golf cart to remove her from what she is about to experience; the loss of her son.  We ride over to where there are several pools filled with glowing blue waters.  My mother is afraid that I’m going to endanger her by driving the cart too close to the edge of the pool.  She doesn’t understand the spiritual nature of what she is about to experience by bathing in the refreshing waters of the pools.  I am bringing her here to renew her life.  I’m trying to reason with her but she is set and determined to remain in her own fear. 

I then become lucid and realize it is close to the time when I need to wake up to get ready for work.  I observe my surroundings within the dream realizing what I have just done.  I’m thinking, I’m now going to get phone calls from everyone in the family blaming me for antagonizing the situation by pushing the issue to a confrontation

Ray of LightMy alarm clock rings.  I wake up thinking sarcastically…..”wonderful dream Ruben.”  I snoozed the alarm and laid my head back down to meditate.  I immediately began having a vision.  A ray of beautiful blue light so intense filled every corner of my vision.  The rays of light were broken by something; a shadow in the distance.  The light was so intense like the blue torch flame on a welder’s gun yet it did not hurt my eyes.  I knew something had to be in the distance obstructing the light that was coming through.  I stayed within the divine light for 9 minutes until my alarm clock went off a second time.  

Again, I hit the snooze button.  I returned to my vision where I now saw a bearded man in spirit wearing a long white robe seated with a book on his lap and a pen in one hand.  He was writing in his journal.  With every couple words that he wrote, he would pause to reflect and meditate on what he had just written.  What he was writing was apparently very dear and close to his heart. I could tell by the expression in his face.  His fingers gently caressed the pages upon which his pen lay.  My alarm sounded a second time. 

The connections in this dream did not hit me immediately.  Even the obvious connection between Magdalene and my sister-in-law Maggie I missed at first.  It wasn’t until I began to write that it made perfect sense.  I tried to think back to the last time I saw the light as bright as this.  It was the time I had the vision of Christ on the Cross surrounded by concentric circles of arched angles.  Had I been that close once again to the presence of the Christ Light?  Remembering back to the vision of Christ on the Cross where at his feet were kneeling both Mary the mother of God and Mary Magdalene.  Yes it was Mary Magdalene whose image was obstructing the light before my eyes this morning.

I have to ask myself, if I am Maggie, am I dealing too harshly with myself?  Are there things, I’m not admitting to that are keeping me set in my old ways preventing me from renewing my life by bathing in the illuminated waters of the Light of Christ.  What can I do today to honor this dream as Christ honored his beloved Magdalene as imperfect and divinely human as she was?  Maybe I can look at both Maggies in a different light.

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