Mary Poppins: A First Amoung Equals

BedgownLast night as I was meditating I had a vision which I can only equate to a scene from Mary Poppins.  In the vision I am traveling in the countryside.  Out in the distance are standing a women and a young girl.  They have baroque style clothing each with a long puffy crinoline style bedgown and petticoat.  The woman is holding an open umbrella which she uses to shade herself and the young girl who is close at her side.  They begin to walk toward a canyon about 20 feet in front of them.  I am mesmerized by the graceful way in which the woman’s bedgown sways at her feet.  When they reach the canyon’s edge they simply continue walking.  As they step off the cliff a wind carries them using their crinolines as parachutes.  The wind is so strong and mighty that it carries them to new heights well above me.  My consciousness watches them as they pass overhead. 


I ended my mediation and rolled over to fall asleep.  I then had a dream where I find that someone has laid claim on my house.  We both exist within the house.  He has been residing on the upstairs and I on the downstairs. I have not had reason to venture upstairs so I am not displaced by his presence.  On this day he comes downstairs to make himself known to me.  He attempts to take possession of my favorite armchair.  I stop him in his tracks letting him know definitively that I am the master of this house and the chair is mine. 


He leaves me with the chair but I remain curious to find out how he manages to live upstairs.  Determined to find out for myself, I venture up the stairs to the second level to look around.  It is a grand space that is very old and weathered but has a uniquely old world charm.  The floors, he is now refinishing.  I think to myself that it might not be a bad idea to allow him to remain in the house since he is actually adding value by the work he is performing on renovating the floors. 


As I get ready to go back downstairs I notice a bird sitting on a table out on the terrace.  It is a Sun Conure; a pet I had many years ago. His name was Ollie Bird.  He is dazed and his feathers are haggard.  Feeling compassion for Ollie Bird my immediate inclination is to try to revive him and bring him back inside but now the man wants me to get on my way.  My pets can’t stay outside they must come into the house where they can be protected.  I now realize that the upper level of the house has been left open and unattended for many years.  An open door or window would allow my cat Sable to get out.  I insist on securing the house.  He does not want me upstairs.  He wants me to leave.  In our struggle for control I awaken from the dream to find a woman floating above my head.  She looks at me through a round portal that has opened up above my bed.  There is a green light coming though. 

Mentally I challenge her to bring it on.  I am committed to stand my ground.  She then turns to the side such that I can see her profile.  From her mouth streams forth all sorts of creatures, animals, plants, and geometric shapes.  Everything is alive with a vibration.  Even though we were at a confrontation, what I experienced was very beautiful.  Life in all it’s many forms is simply beautiful. 

What struck me unusual was that the dream wanted the chair.  So I proceeded to look up the meaning and here is what I found:


The ChairThe chair is of extreme antiquity. Although for many centuries and indeed for thousands of years it was an article of state and dignity rather than an article of ordinary use. “The chair” is still extensively used as the emblem of authority in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom and Canada, and in public meetings. 

The House of Commons is the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which also comprises the Sovereign and the House of Lords (the upper house). Both Commons and Lords meet in the Palace of Westminster.

Historically, prime ministers are often referred to as Primus inter pares, a Latin term translated as first among equals, and which reflects the original concept of a prime minister as merely the first minister or most senior minister to the monarch, not the dominant or presiding minister, a role later assumed by many prime ministers in many states.


Coincidence how looking up information on the history of the chair had anything to do with an upper and lower house. 

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