Maryland Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

This past Sunday I went to the
Maryland Renaissance Festival
in Annapolis,MD with my friend Chad.

We spent a good part of the day there. 
We had a lot of fun.  It was amazing to see all
the people who
were really getting into the spirit of the festival. 
There were so many people there many in costumes. 
There were games for the kids and everyone seemed to be having a great
time.  I could have spent a

small fortune there with

all the wonderful things for
sale.  It amazes me the quality with which some

of these artisans work.  I wish I co
have been so artistically inclined.  I’ll
definitely plan on going in future years.  It
was 10 times bigger than the
Maryland Faerie Festival
and 100 times bigger than the

Greenbelt Greenman Festival both of which I went to this year.
 I’ve been trying to get out and do things I
wouldn’t normally find myself doing.  It’s a
lot of work living out of character but it is what I need to do to stay
connected.  At some point,

maybe it will become second
nature.  In the meantime it is work.

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