Mole Hill Symmetry Not Required

August 8th, 2018

Last night I had a dream where I am among my MKP brothers.  We are divided into three teams for a competition.  Each team is given the same task.   We start our work discovering our mission and what we are called to do.  We have one week in which to complete our work.  We lay the framework in the ground when the rains come.  There is not much we can do while the rain is pouring down on us.  Days pass with rain.  It is now Thursday and the rain has finally  subsided.  Believing we will never complete the task by the end of the week I walk over to the other team to see how they are doing implementing their work.   They are building molehills.  In looking at their molehills it becomes apparent the framework my team laid in the ground before the rains came have taken root and are now sprouting in their fields.  Our work is making theirs seem effortless.   As the framework sprouts from the ground they add a little bit of mud to it and the sprout as it grows lifts the mud to the next level to create a decorative lattice.  As is continues to emerge the patterns differentiate creating a beautiful doily.   I look at the doilies and I recognize them. They are the patterns I wear on my jeans with the frayed ends.  It now becomes apparent that although we were divided into teams our work contributes for the betterment of the whole.

We are now working on the electrical system.  The wires need to be spliced together but the only thing available for us to use is an antique coupler.  Although it is quite an antique it seems to be perfectly fitted for the job.  No modern day coupler would have worked as well as this one.  I can see the metal coils where the wires connect.

I then began to wake up.  The first moment of awareness as I woke up I knew I wanted to hang on to something from my dream.  I am preprogrammed for vigilance.  I immediately heard the words.  “NO NEED FOR SYMMETRY. ”  I grabbed my recorder and recorded what I could remember.