Mom Mom Mom

August 27, 2018

I had a dream last night where I am with my friend and surro mom Ivy.  She tells me she needs to take a break as an emergency has surfaced that she needs to attend to.  She tells me that I will be serviced by one of her other moms.  Apparently she is made up of many moms.  She is like an octomom able to split herself into many moms and multitask.  She presents me with two other mom’s who are a part of her.  She tells me I can either choose or allow the universe to choose for me.  It seems highly plausible to me to be made up of many parts all of whom can be in many places at once.  It seems so natural I don’t even doubt for a moment.  So I agree to allow one of the other Ivy’s to carry my baby.

After a while a flash of real world sense comes over me and I realize earthly people don’t split into many parts.  I wonder how will the legal agreement we have be affected by this new revelation of her many selves and more importantly what about the Grinch and my dream?  Ivy is a dream inspired surro mom.  I can’t go with anyone but Ivy.