Mystery Sock

So tonight the night following the Not My Shoes dream, i had a date which I don’t often have or at least not often enough in my opinion.  Anytime shoes appear in my dreams I equate them to the Soul since the souls are in your shoes and in this dream the soul or shoe was missing it’s mate.  So I thought it had to do with my desire to find a soul mate and my lack of success in the matter.  I’m pretty much at the point of giving up on a soul mate given the direction my life is headed in from this point forward.  And it seems that all the available shoes or soulmates are not of my liking.  So after the guy who is someone I’ve been on a date with before long time ago and who reminded me a lot of my ex Joe was leaving I found beside my desk on the cedar chest a sock the size appropriate to a baby.  It was just one sock.  I asked the guy if it was his sock to which he said it wasn’t.  I had been all over the room today cleaning and at no time did I see this sock.  It just strikes me as eerily coincidental that I would be abandoning my pursuit of a soulmate in favor of a baby’s sock. Just like in the dream the shoes I liked only had one shoe without a pair.  The sock also has no partner.  I’ve been scanning pictures and I had a framed picture of me when I was in elementary school.  I think the sock would have fit me and I found it right beside the picture.  So many coincidences.