Oliver’s Seagulls

In the dream I see my son Oliver who is running and playing on the beach. On his back are tethered to him a flock of seagulls.

This dream happened a few days ago and I didn’t have time journal it even though it was so short I knew it answered a very profound question. One that relates to the embryos I’m donating. I can’t help but feel what if one of the embryo’s I’m donating was meant to be with me. I obviously can’t keep and bring to birth all of them but if there was a way to have at least one more which would it be? A second question is whether Oliver was the right one and only one for me. I mean I chose a boy over a girl. He was the best scored embryo of the bunch. Should I have chosen the runt being that I like helping the underdog. Butters was the runt in the pack. Seeing Oliver in the dream with the seagulls I feel answered both questions. Oliver is on land with me happy and content. The others who flown in on his back were meant to be set free to fly like seagulls.