On Board Smile


August 22, 2018

In last nights dream I am waiting in turnstile lines preparing to board a ship. I and a few others are taking our bikes along for the ride.  The group in the turnstile next to me have a 3 passenger bike.  I remember leaving something behind.  Since I’m traveling alone I ask someone in a neighboring line to watch my bike and my space in line.

The the moments before waking up, I recall asking the dream to answer my questions.  I told the dream I didn’t want to wake up before knowing what to do.  I remained in the dream state when a woman appeared.  She looked up at me and gave me a huge smile.  I looked at her for a moment thinking a smile isn’t telling me what I want to know.  I examined her facial features and recognized her facial expressions on someone I’ve seen before.  I wondered who she might be and what she might be trying to tell me.