PDF: Public Displays of Friendship

How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men, by Mark Greene

January 23, 2019

Last night’s dream was very touching for several reasons.  I have been feeling very lonely lately and isolated.  Even though I have people I know around me there are far and few I can call good friends.  My heart yearns for deep connections.  In the dream I am at work.  My old boss BMo who I worked under for 20 yrs gives me and my team a project to work on.  There are many parts to this project which have to come together just right.  I have completed my tasks and am waiting on the rest to complete theirs.  My boss wants to view the outputs to the project so he can review them.  I can see my completed tasks on my phone but I am trying to figure out how I can get it from my phone to where he can see them.  I decide to print it which I do but then I realize I do not have a print driver on my cell phone.  I then try to create a PDF of the document.  It is proving very challenging to transfer the information but I manage to get the information to my boss.

A co-worker is sitting at his computer and asks if I can help him retrieve some data off a hard drive.  He has several hard drives taped together with black duck tape possibly to conceal the data.  He point to the area beneath the tape where he believes the data is stored.  We have to get the data without removing the tape.  Jokingly I ask, “Why did you secure it with duck tape? Is it your porn collection?”  He simply laughs and grabs my hand to hold it.  I sense from his touch he is wanting an excuse to have physical contact with me.  I am confused because I know him to be a straight man.

He holds my hand for an extended amount of time not wanting to release it.  We work on accessing his data.  Feeling more and more comfortable with him holding my hand I stand behind him and place my other hand on his neck.  I can feel the little hairs on the back of his neck.  My body fills with emotion and a sense of longing.  As our final act he gets up and thanks me.  As he gets up, I release my grip on his shoulder and my hand slides gently along his chest.  I can feel his heart beat and a sense of a warmth pulsating deep within.

Our team project is complete with the help of our team mates.  I can see my boss’s sense of satisfaction for a job well done.


I felt so good after waking up.  A part of me felt like God or the Universe feels my pain and wants to comfort me by giving me what I need even if it is just in a dream.  The is not to belittle the effects of the dream because they feel so real to me.  I woke up feeling cuddled and hugged.

I went on my search for a picture to go with the dream and came across this one which is so perfectly suited for the dream.  The article “How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men” so perfectly hit the nail on the head.  It is a must read and so applicable to me and my situation now since I am expecting a baby and since I will be a stay at home dad raising my little one I can take the opportunity to teach the value of touch.  It is also reassuring for me to know how much I too will receive from the experience of being a parent.

Sometimes the synchronicity of the message in the article that is perfectly suited for where I am and what I need today makes me feel like the Universe is responding directly to my need.  How wonderful is that?