Penny Talisman

December 17, 2018

Last night’s dream was very unique.  I am in a struggle or competition with an adversary.  Something or someone who is trying to take my power from me.  I have a toolbox with a key ring on which hang small objects, totems and talismans used to represent aspects of the powers I have at my disposal.  I am also the custodian of sacred objects for the other members of my team.  I sift through the objects and find one that is uniquely mine.  It represents me.  It is a wheat penny.  Seeing the penny, I know this is a game changer because I’ve only ever seen a wheat penny once in my life in a dream which marked a huge turning point in my life.  By association, I know the other sacred objects in my possession are of equal value to those for whom I’ve been entrusted custody.  I also notice there is a pocket knife among the items.  It is a military pocket knife my brother gave me when I was a kid.  It is something he had when he was in the service.  I immediately know I have to get these objects to their rightful owners.  I know I have to guard them from my adversary.  I gather my team around me and securely hand out the talismans.  There is much confusion making it difficult to stay focused.  In addition, my adversary is needling me from all sides.  In the confusion I loose track of my wheat penny.  I am forced to trust it will be there when I need it.  For now, I must focus on the job at hand.  

I am now sitting in front of my computer trying to achieve my mission.  I notice an application keeps popping up on my screen.  It displays a form letter with preprinted titles.  I’m annoyed with the application closing it each time it pops up on my screen.  I then realize my coworker sitting next to me is responsible for the application on my screen. Somehow what he does is being displayed on my screen.  I come up with a way to leverage what he is doing to my benefit.  I now notice my monitor has been swapped out with a smaller one.  Wanting to make sure I am accurate in my assessment of my monitor I carefully study it and come to the determination that the monitor is in fact smaller than the one I originally had.  I stand up and yell, “WHO TOOK MY MONITOR?”  A new employee stands up and says it was given to him as a new employee.  I’m outraged and tell him to ask for his own.  Someone else comes up from behind me to tell me my boss is the one who made the swap.  Knowing I may not have leverage here, I go over to another co worker someone I trust to ask if he can read something off his monitor.  He tells me he can’t because his monitor was also taken from him.

Before waking up I have a second dream.  One where I am with my baby.  It’s been with me for the first few days ‘of its life.  I am feeding it 3 times a day.  I then remember babies are supposed to eat every two hours.  I go over to the baby to feed him and notice the baby does not look malnourished and seems quite content.  I wonder if he is still full from the colostrum he received when he was born.