Retracing Our Steps

Board game “Having Fun with Math & Science

September 20, 2018

I woke up feeling very happy this morning.  In my dream I am with someone I’ve met and have established a relationship with.  We have a great deal in common.  He likes games and we play games together.  We go on outings together and when we are apart we reunite when we are free.  In one scene we are separated because he has to address his responsibilities and I have to address my responsibilities but we have a plan to reconvene at a later point in the day.  During my time alone I gather the things I experience to later share with my partner.  It is a fairly new relationship so I am thinking about him all the time.  I am planning on sharing all my adventure with the groups I participate with.   When we do reconvene later in the day, we retrace our steps and share the details of our past.  He is excited and engaged.  He tells me we are recovering the past to which I say we are members in our lives.


I chose this image because my “Partner” likes to play games in the dream.  This image I found of a game board “Having Fun with Math & Science” I liked because of the different activities depicted on the board.  I imagine each experience in that area of the game would be something someone could share about.  It also has a path to follow as represented by the steps you take on the journey.