Return to the Planet of the Apes

Planet of the ApesLast night I had another Planet of the Apes dream.  This may have been a continuation of the previous night’s dream which would make this part III in the sequence. 


In the dream I am on another planet where these invisible cloaked apes reside.  They have screens that hide them from view but they are everywhere.  As I’m standing there, I see a circular space craft hovering overhead.  It is outlined with red lights.  Out in the open, I flag it down wanting it to know about my presence on the planet.  The apes all around are mean and vicious but it’s just a front.  I see an ape walk by wearing a leather jacket.  It looks like Zerra. I ask if it is her.  I am told it is not her.  A male ape reveals himself and his manhood to me.   He tells me that he admires me and the program I lead.  He insinuates that he would like for me to sponsor him.  I think to myself, I’m not ready to sponsor anyone but here I believe you must pair with a primate. He provides me with a screen to wear as a cloak. I am now one amoung them, able to see all the invisible apes.  They appear as a metallic blue apparition.  


To honor the dream I purchased the 2001 movie of the Planet of the Apes from Blockbuster Video.

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