The Knight That Brought The Ghost Of Mary Magdelene

KnightsLast night I had a very unusual dream.  I am at a men’s club with my ex.  Along with the regular activities of the club there are now also some spiritually focused activities. I decide to leave my ex behind to attend one of the prayer workshops.  Once the workshop is completed, I return to see if I can see my ex.  I notice that even though it is 12 midnight the sun has just dawned.  I am looking around for my ex but it appears that he has left because his locker number 12 has been vacated.  His room 112 is also empty.  Someone sarcastically says to me, “Well I guess your partner left you.”  Instead of feeling sad about it, I am feeling happy that now this turn of events might open new opportunities for me. 


I then see a group of people gathering who say there is a ghost among them.  It is the ghost of Mary Magdalene.  They are trying to look for the apparition to see it with their own eyes.  Knowing I’m good at seeing ghosts, I enter the crowd to see if I can spot the ghost of Mary Magdalene.  I then enter into a dark room.  I’m trying to gather myself together by putting my wallet in my pocket but I notice that my wallet is much thinner than before.  All of the sudden I am swept up from behind by an invisible force.  The forward motion lifts me off my feet and carries me away.  The swift forward motion literally woke me up.  My whole body moved forward in my bed causing me to strain my back and shoulder such that now those parts of me were hurting.  I opened my eyes to defend myself.  When I opened my eyes there was a woman floating above my head.  She had a luminous purple and magenta cloud around her.  I gave her a mean and unwelcome stare but I was unsure if she was responsible for this action.


Confused with what was going on, I immediately closed my eyes to return to the dream.  I wanted to confront what it was that had pushed me forward so abruptly.  Laying in bed now I could still feel the ache of my back and shoulder.  I remained with my eyes closed to continue the dream.  Fully lucid and awake now, the dream resumed.  Before me there was an armor shield with an armored knight behind it.  The shield had embossed on it the image of a square.  That square was sub-divided into four smaller squares.  Three of the squares were ornately designed with the exception of the fourth square in the upper right corner which was solid black.   Faced with my aggressor, I tried to mentally remove the armor shield from between us but I could not move it or change its position in any way.   At a standoff, I decided to open my eyes and address this issue from my 3rd dimensional reality.  Upon opening my eyes, the image of the woman was still before my eyes.  I relaxed and meditated and gently raised my palm to acknowledge her presence.  I then placed a loving thought in my mind and sent healing energy to her.  Her continence illuminated with brilliant orange and yellow hues.  Her image then slowly faded and I got up out of bed to go to the bathroom.  Upon returning to bed I recorded all the detail of the dream.

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