Signed by the Coneheads

MoaiThis morning upon snoozing my alarm, I laid in bed to meditate.  I immediately had a vision that was so incredibly clear.  My consciousness was hovering over and peering into another dimension.  This had a sense of the faerie realms that I’ve become familiar with.  I appeared to be in a schoolhouse in a dark shadowy forest.  I saw a group of short stocky little old ladies with long skirts.  They seemed to move with one mind.  They had a great sense of connectedness. I could see their thoughts move gracefully between them.  It was like watching a school of fish move.  They were Coneheads about 4 feet tall.  Their heads were about a third of the size of their bodies.  They all wore identical cone shaped hats on their heads which reminded me of the pictures my brother Paz brought back with him of his time in the Vietnam.  He had taken pictures of the Vietnamese walking through the rice fields with their cone shaped hats.  They all appeared to have their backs toward me looking forward and they appeared to be walking backwards as if time was moving backwards.  I made myself a mental note to look up information on the Coneheads when I got to work.  My alarm then sounded and I got up to get ready for work.  


MoaiHere is how I know these visions come from a higher intelligent source.  It is a source that is trying to get my attention to help me in some way achieve my goals in life.  Quite possibly these beings are in my life to help me execute the code which I’ve been procrastinating and reluctant to issue.  Yesterday while standing on the train station platform, I had a flash of insight regarding the knowledge of this code which I carry.  If I know what this code is, both backwards and forwards, what is it?  What do I know so intimately well?  It had to be something so close to me so present in my every moment of my life.  It then hit me. My life is the code.  I am that code. “I am” is that code.  Is this the revelation Christ had when he said, I am that I am? To live my life with divine purpose and in harmony with the life force energy that surrounds me is to place into motion that magic code that unlocks the mysteries of life to give you vision beyond your wildest dreams.


Moai with Red HoodHere is how I know this is true.  The universe confirmed itself by way of synchronicity as it always has in guiding my path.  When I got to work, I looked up Coneheads using Wikipedia.  It brought up what I expected namely information on the Saturday Night Live sketch staring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin.  The Coneheads were an “alien” family.  Here again are my aliens.   It also said, “Dan Aykroyd developed the idea for the Coneheads based on the Moai, the mysterious and ancient stone statues of Easter Island, which had similarly conical heads.”  So I followed the lead and looked up Moai.

Moai or “Moˀai” are monolithic human figures carved from rock on Rapa Nui / Easter Island, mostly between 1250 and 1500 CE. Nearly half are still at Rano Raraku the main Moai quarry, but hundreds were transported from there and set on Ahu (platforms) which were mostly at the islands perimeter. Almost all have overly large heads three fifths the size of their body. The Moai are the “living faces” (aringa ora) and representations of chiefly, deified ancestors.”

In looking at the pictures of the statues they look just like my Coneheads in my multidimensional vision this morning.  The picture of them even show them all facing the same direction just as in my vision.  

Reading further, you see where some of the stone monoliths are depicted wearing a stone hat on their head.  The stone used for the hats has a red color to it.  Yeah…you could say they wore Red Hood’s.  Not only that, but the hats were cylindrical and stacked like a cone.  These hats are called Pukao topknots. 

The Pukao were all carved from a very light red volcanic stone scoria, which was quarried from a single source at Puna Pau. The Pukao was balanced as a separate piece on top of a Moai‘s head.

Punau Pau  where the hats come from is a quarry in a small crater or cinder cone on the outskirts of Hanga Roa in the South West of Easter Island (a Chilean island in the Pacific Ocean).

Coneheads!  I knew nothing about any of this.  It is amazing how it all relates to each other with such divine synchronicity.  

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