Slide Rule of the Dead

Slide RuleI had a dream last night where I am given a slide rule that not only predicts the future but creates the future you wish to have.  This slide rule is a prototype for instructional purposes to demonstrate that the concept is feasible.  Oddly enough this slide rule is limited to the simple task of giving a shave. It creates a future shave on anyone you choose.  I am highly skeptical of its ability.  Frankly, I think the idea is absurd but it has my curiosity.  I examine it carefully noting the slider and options provided on it for the degree of shave you wish to manifest.  By moving the slider, I am able to affect the future. Knowing I’m not one to give myself a shave….I decide to set it to give me a shave at some future date.  After moving the slider I place the slide rule down on my night stand and lay back down to sleep. 

Moments later after I am supposedly fall back asleep in the dream I begin to feel pressure on the nape of my lower back.  This can’t be possible, I’m thinking to myself.  Did the device really work?  The time is now for a shave.  I try to move my arm behind my back to apprehend whatever force is touching my lower back but I am unable to move my arm.  I am in sleep paralysis. Struggling to regain consciousness to verify the presence of this supernatural force against my lower back, I finally awaken from the dream but still unable to move completely paralyzed much like a false awakening but I know I am really awake. 

There is a woman floating above my bed.  She is an oriental woman with beautiful features and well defined ruby red lips. Her hair is pinned up like a china doll.  “Who are you,” I ask mentally of her presence.  Her presence floats over me in a diagonal direction from my lower right and up toward my right shoulder.  Still struggling to regain control of my body my arm finally wakes up and becomes responsive.  I move my arm slowly and intentionally in her direction painting a continuous circle with my index finger in the air around her face in a slow and persistent manner to get her attention and let he know I am aware of her presence….once again telepathically asking with stern emphasis, “WHO ARE YOU?”  In response to my question she puckers and pinches her lips forward as to point in the direction of my night stand as if it somehow holds the answer to my question. Moments later she disappears. 

I then rolled over and went back to sleep.  The dream continued….this time the device I am given is a more advanced version with no limits to the possible outcomes of what the device can manipulate.  This upgraded version has a tiny video screen where the sliding cursor is located.  Impossible I’m thinking to myself as if the last one wasn’t bad enough.  Yet a part of me wants to look into its window to see the future.  I am very much aware that I am dreaming.  I am aware that no harm can come to me by confronting my dream.  I am aware of my previous dream and I am emphatically determined to find out where this all leads.  I want answers from the depths of the collective consciousness. 

Looking into the sliding cursor I can now perceive  the future.  It is an amazing experience.  The beauty and power of this gift suddenly turns gruesome.  With its power comes knowledge of darkness.  I now see the decade bodies of the dead whose spirits are trapped desperately wanting to communicate but their bodies are no more.  These are ancient civilizations forgotten and left to decay in darkness.  In shock I woke up with the vivid image of a dead man impressed upon my mind.

I don’t often have nightmares but this one I would certainly classify as such.  I don’t know how much of the dream was influenced by my day’s events.  I did see a very disturbing movie earlier tonight, Crash High Voltage.  It was rated B by Yahoo movies so I considered it a good pick.  I was sorely disappointed in the movie.  I considered walking out at several points in the movie but since I had gone with a friend I decided to stay.  The amount of violence in the movie was very disturbing.  I have to ask what kind of society have we become that movies like this receive B ratings.

So who was that woman and what on my night stand was she calling my attention to.  On my night stand sits a lamp, my alarm clock, my cell phone, my wallet, my voice recorder for capturing dreams and in the drawer several my personal items including the remote control.  At the base of my night stand are several about 5-7 spiritual books. 

This one remains a mystery.    

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  1. Hi, Ruben!

    Thanks for sharing this experience!
    From a more “technical” point of view I wonder about the relation of your sleep paralysis and dead bodies and their trapped spirits. This isn’t meant to frame your experience, but just to say these two parts of experience, if it were my dream, would catch my attention because of their structural relation.

    It also seems to be common to experience presences in sleep paralysis, Jenny Parker did a presentation on this subject in Gothenburg conference.

    From a different point of view of course these experiences/ states may well be gates used by disembodied beings for contacting those in-body.

    I congratulate you for your good display of lucid self – control in the situation of SP. The oriental lady remains a mystery maybe only you can solve. She points to your nightstand, and if it were my dream, I would say, she points to it all, and there are different aspects in your life with dreams, some technical and some spiritual. I mean, I don’t know you all well, but your nightstand fits with how I know you 🙂 So, through her being, she maybe emphasizes a certain aspect of your work? She seems to represent a counterweight to the more technical approach to (dream) reality symbolized by the slide rule in the beginning of your dream.

    Then in the lucid sequel of SP, you intend to get answers from the depths of collective consciousness. OK, it might depend (in part) on your personal relation and your expectations what you then experience. What hits me is the “realness” of your experience, and this seemingly hit you, too. I mean the collective consciousness might just not be a “space” or “field” of memories, archetypes, but it appears to be a world of the spirits of deceased in your dream. Real entities, not just pale thoughts or bits of information or abstract tendencies we can easily “control” or “compute” using a slide ruler.

    So, maybe there is something to learn, at least me did learn something through your dream.

    Thanks, Ruben!
    And keep up good dreamwork


  2. PS

    And of course the collective consciousness won’t only contain the nice experiences of humanity. There is so much of a dark side to our history and presence, just like you saw in the movie.
    This night on German TV there was talk about Littleton shooting, and “Bowling for Columbine” was shown. I did watch it again. There have been similar shootings at schools in Germany recently. That may be why we pay attention to this anniversary of US tragedy.

    You may say, these too are expressions of collective consciousness, while so many dream of making war and make their dreams come true. So it is good that today also many dream of peace, and make these dreams come true.
    Much hope is in current US administration and also the American citizens in general.

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