Sole Man Out

SoccerI had a dream where I am a civil systems engineer in a CPA firm. I am looking at photographs taken at a company picnic.  The pictures are spotlighted in the company’s brochure.  As I thumb through the brochure looking at the photographs, I realize that I am the only engineer in the entire firm.  Many of the photographs involve sporting activities such as soccer.  I am not one to be engaged in sports.  I feel awkward being the only man out.  All of my other co-workers are CPA’s. 


There is a guy in one of the photos who attracts me.  I go back through the photographs looking for him specifically.  My boss comes by my office and catches me thumbing through the photographs.  I fain interest in the sporting activities so that he doesn’t become aware of my interest in this guy.  He tells me that there is a benefit to being the only man out.  He says, “We treat our sole people very special.”

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