Stop Procrastinating Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding HoodLast night my entire dream was about my procrastination on issuing a single command to change or set the secret key in the system’s configuration file. I know the command that needs to be issued. I’ve issued the command many times in the past. It is a rather long command that centers on the secret key. I am having trouble staying focused, constantly hesitating and waiting for a moment when I’m perfectly situated without distractions. I have one excuse after another. My head hurts from the pressure placed on me to execute the command without endangering the system. I don’t have a development system on which to test it out. The command must be issued against the actual system.

In the morning my alarm clock rings. I had not yet issued the command. I wanted to go back to issue it because I knew it backwards and forwards but why was I hesitating? I snoozed my alarm and began my meditation to try to go back. I see a vision of a memory from my earlier dream where again I was taken back to a corridor laid with marble floors and marble columns lining a beautiful promenade. At the far end I can see a pristine blue ocean. I want to walk the path along the promenade. I want to reach the other side. I am lost in the beauty of my surroundings. My alarm clock rings.

Left with unfinished business, I snooze the alarm a second time and return to my meditative vision. This time I see a caricature of a wolf seated on a sofa with one arm stretched out along the backrest. He is talking to me. His mouth is moving and I can see his facial expressions changing but I hear no sound. He is speaking to me telepathically. He places the story of Red Riding Hood into my mind.

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