Stranded at Jaffa Gate

Jaffa GateLast night as I was meditating something very contentious began to happen.  My consciousness seemed to split in two.  My observer half sat back and watched the vision as my active self engaged in the conflict.  I was in a deep trance when this happened.  I observed myself get into an argument with someone else.  The matter was extremely intense.  It was a matter known to me at a very deep level yet I had no conscious awareness of it.  I was amazed how that other part of me handled the situation.  It was intense.  As the violence escalated, I suddenly felt a rush of energy flow though as if the Calvary had been called in.  Someone ran past me brushing up against me as I heard myself scream out loud as I opened my eyes to see who it was. “YOU F**KEN BITCH” 


There was no one present in the room.  Wow where did that come from?  I couldn’t believe I had just said that involuntarily from within a deep meditative state.  I wasn’t even asleep or dreaming.  I then immediately forgot the entire issue.  The memory of it all gone and I watched it slip away.  I immediately closed my eyes again to see I could return.  Through my third eye with eyes closed I could see the woman standing in my room.  Who is she and what was that all about?  She gave me a stern look and disappeared. 


I closed my eyes and fell asleep.  I then had a dream where I take a trip to San Juan Capistrano located on Santa Catalina Island. (I am aware that San Juan is not on Catalina Island in real life.).  I am traveling with this girl I know. I am curious about everything here wishing to experience it all.  Unfortunately, we are on a time constraint therefore we only have a small amount of time to get something to eat and see a few sites before we need to return to Jaffa Gate to board the bus to in time to return to the mainland. 


I am not happy with the food selection here which is hot dogs and chili beans.  I have a friend who lives on the island who I’d like to visit.  I am not paying attention to my girl friend and I proceed to go my own way veering off the prescribed path.  I walk by my friend’s house but no one is home. All the windows are closed.  Unknown to me, the sun doesn’t set here so I am thrown off by my reference to the sun.  Before I know it, it is time to board the bus and I still have not found a place to eat.  I am far from Jaffa Gate where we are to reunite and re-board the bus.  I try calling my friend on my cell phone for help but I can’t remember her number.  Everything is working against me here.  The time is now.  There is no way I can possibly be there now when I am here stranded.  With the confusion I am now lost unable to find my way back without retracing my steps.


I finally remember the phone number and the call goes through.  My friend answers and is angry that I missed the bus.  Somehow in denial, I ask her if the bus really left without me. She replies, “Yes of course it did, everyone gathered to see you off including your mother and sisters and you did not show.”  Now I’m angry, “Why was the information kept from me?”  Why would anyone hide information about my family from me?  If I had known they were going to be present, I might have made a different choice. 

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. The answer to your question if i ever wish I didn’t have vision,,,,the answer is no. Even though at times the experiences can be frightening I always welcome them namely because they have the power to transform my life in incredibly powerful ways by bringing me out of darkness and showing me the true nature of reality. I also believe the greatest lesson we are here to learn is that there is nothing to fear. We are basically afraid of our own shadows. There are eyes watching over every step we take.

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