The Assembly of Vestibules


Last night I had a dream where I am attending an assembly of some of the most secret societies in the universe much like the Masons.  These people are highly ascended beings they are the gatekeepers.  To be allowed in here is one of the highest honors that can be accorded to you.  Everything and everyone here is cloaked in mystery.  This is my first time in attendance at this gathering of people.   I arrive at the assembly having ridden my motorcycle.  It is a cheaply made mode of transportation more like a scooter than a motorcycle.  It has mechanical difficulties.  The engine of my scooter is idling too high.  I am simply grateful that it has gotten me this far.  I am somewhat worried whether it will be sufficiently reliable to get me back home but for now I focus on the task for which I am here. 


I am given keys to my room where I will be staying while I am in attendance at the Assembly of Vestibules.  I quickly drop off my things and go looking for my friends.  I am particularly interested in finding my friend David. 


I encounter many others with whom I stop to have brief conversations.  I can feel everyone’s excitement and joy.  In the intense feelings, I misplace my keys.  Others have also misplaced their keys.  Which keys belong to whom?  There are three sets of misplaced keys.  One with a short key ring and two others have long chains.  One of the chains is gold and the other key has a shorter silver chain.  Looking at the gold chain I determine that is not mine.  I believe mine to be the one with the short key ring that does not have a chain. 


The assembly is gathered in a foreign country within a city that boarders Turkey in the north.   Many here are planning day trips into Turkey to see the great city of Istanbul.  They tell me the assembly is only 30 minutes from the Turkish boarder.


I can’t find my friend David.  I’m trying to find a group of people with whom I can connect and hang out with. Everyone is friendly and loving, guys with guys and girls with girls.  Everyone is happy and friendly.  I am thinking I don’t have any close friends to be with. 


I go back to check on my motorcycle.  The throttle has a yellow gasket with which to adjust the intake.  It has been set too high.  If I temper it back however the cycle dies. It is set this way for safety reasons.  I must keep it set high for the trip back home. 


The first thing that stuck out for me on this dream was the name for the assembly of people.  As I sat here listening to my dictation trying to pull back information from my subconscious to fill in the gaps I knew I knew more about this society of people than was apparent on my dictation.  They had a name I just could not grab at it.  It was elluding me.  Then it hit me, “Vestibules.”  What an odd name.  I jotted the name down figuring I would look into its meaning later.  Toward the end of the dictation I heard myself make reference to Istanbul. They rhyme so I knew they belonged together. 


Looking through the references I couldn’t help but notice the synchronicities such as Istanbul’s golden gate bridge and my reference to the gatekeepers.  More interestingly is the meaning of the word vestibule.  Aside from the fact that both words rhyme the meaning of the word vestibule is an opening to a canal.  Does Istanbul not sit upon an opening to a canal?  Other references for vestibules include the vulval vestibule an obvious symbol for the giver of life and the vestibule of the ear which is part of the labyrinth which in turn is a spiritual reference.  It’s pretty amazing how these things play together. 

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