The Bear Beard Symphony Orchestra

OrchestraI had a dream where I am in an auditorium with family and friends.  There is an orchestra in the pit tuning their instruments.  As the orchestra begins to practice before their performance, the person with me draws my attention to the manner in which they are playing their instruments.  The members of the orchestra are flapping their arms like birds.  He then says to me, “Look at what they are wearing.”  All the members of the orchestra are completely bare without any clothing.  Then he says, “…and look who is the conductor.”  I turn my attention to conductor who is also without cloths.  He is an old stocky grey haired man with a long flowing beard that reaches down to his belly.  He has made a dream catcher out of his face and beard by weaving his beard with feathers and beads.  I then realize, I am the conductor and he is the dream.

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  1. We are who we design ourselves to be and see in others often what and whom we want to see them as.. it’s all a dream we work to make a reality, our reality.

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