The Color of Change

Day 233 / 365 - Walk the plank

I had a dream where I am observing someone’s boss treat her employees in a way that is racially discriminating.  I’m very disturbed by the comments and decide to protest along with my friend Dinah who is with me.  The woman discriminated against two races.  I am feeling alone in my protest even since it is just Dinah and myself.  We decide to take it further and confront the offices and demand change. There is a long line of people waiting to get in the building.  Unbeknownst to me Dinah tells me that all these people are here waiting in line to support my protest.  I’m amazed at how many people are here.  As we approach to prove our case to the highest levels of management everyone is setting their intents as thoughts into the air.  I can visually see the thoughts as light grey clouds.  As I look at the clouds I notice that the clouds of thoughts seem to respond to my viewing them directly.  Instead of grey they become pink and some are blue, yellow, orange, green and a variety of other colors.  At first I’m puzzled believing it can’t be me causing the color within their thoughts.  Looking away to test the theory I can show that my direct focus on the clouds causes them to come alive with color.  I feel like Rudolph trying not to call too much attention to my colors that I’m imploring. Everyone there supporting me is taken aback by my ability to infuse color into their thoughts with supplications for change.

I’m now face to face with the highest levels of management who ask me to walk a plank to cross over and prove myself.   I’m feeling tired and drowsy and my vision is blurry.   I don’t feel capable of crossing and I’m assured death should I fall.  Instead I lean my forehead against the wall and pray.  In that moment I awaken from the dream.