The Apocalypse

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951 Film)Last night I had a dream.  I am busy entertaining guests in my house so busy that I forget what day it is.  As I look around I notice people are tense busily preparing for something.  I stop to ask one of my neighbors, “What’s up?”  He answers, “It’s the end of the world.”  “Is that today”, I ask him? I am not surprised by his response.  There are people in the know who have been aware of the events of 2012  for a long time.  I am one of those people.  I simply forgot it was today.  Yes…I do remember today is the day of the Apocalypse, the day the Earth is to stand still in awe of a great change.  Today is the day when the Earth as we know it will change.


Wanting to be fully present for the day’s events, a day that will go down in history, I step out on the deck where I have a clear view of the sky.  It is early afternoon but the sky is dark with dense cloud cover.  As I look out over the heavens watching for any anomalies, I notice a dark disk shaped ring approaching.  It’s them, they are here.  You can clearly make out the shape of the space ship through the dense clouds.  We are about to be invaded by aliens. 


Their ship stops just above my house.  As the ship hovers over my house, crewmembers begin to disembark on ropes landing on my deck by the dozens.  Those who are not afraid of the aliens are gathered to witness the event.  To my surprise the aliens look just like humans with the exception that they have agility that far surpasses that of any human being. At first they are focused on finding someone.  I know they are looking for me but for some reason they are not picking up on where or for that matter, who I am.  I know that if I surrender to them they will leave Earth quickly and not prolong their stay.  This would be good for those who might be in a state of fear.  I decide to surrender to them but first I disguise my friend Dinah as my dog to take her with me. 


They quickly confirm who I am and accept me and my dog Dinah to board the ship.  The invasion is over and we are now headed back to their home planet.  These people live high up in the trees and they get around like Tarzan by swinging on ropes.  For most of the trip I’m asleep.  When I awaken, I’m perched high up in the trees but my dog Dinah is not with me.   I’m immediately filled with the energy of this planet.  I feel like one of them.  I’m suddenly aware of all their abilities.  I grab for a rope and begin swinging in the trees completely unafraid.  I now have their agility. 


There are two races here on this planet, those who live in the trees and those who dwell on the land.  I want to experience both races.  I also want to find my dog Dinah.  To remain up in the trees, with every swing of the rope I must pull the rope toward me.  Instead I begin to descend finally reaching ground level where I allow those who dwell on the land to take me.  They place me in a trash bin to hide me from the tree dwellers who are now looking for me.  Dinah is in the trash bin with me.  I guess they knew I’d come looking for her.


The trash bin is on a rail car that begins to move.  They are transporting me somewhere.  They instruct me to keep my head down to remain out of sight from the tree people.  Since I’m with Dinah I’m happy and I remain quiet. 

I then heard my alarm sound.  I reached over, snoozed the alarm and rolled over for a few more precious minutes of sleep.  Before I had even fallen back to sleep I could still clearly see the dream in my minds eye.  I am still on board the moving rail car.  I can see Dinah sleeping next to me disguised as my dog.  Looking at her disguise I’m surprised they didn’t figure it out.  She doesn’t look anything like a real dog.  I chuckle for a moment inwardly. 


Wanting to explore my surroundings in this wakeful dream state, I get up out of the trash bin which is empty of any trash.  It was only used to transport us.  I peak over the top and look at the other cars.  I am in what looks to be a mine shaft, some internal caverns probably deep in some mountains.  There are others riding in the other bins.  There is a blond guy in the car in front of me who noticing me turns around to look at me.  I am amazed that this dream figure before me has every facial feature and quality of real life.  He is perfect in ever sense.  Yet it is not someone I have ever seen in this lifetime.  How has my mind constructed such an image?  There is something about him I recognize.  He smiles at me showing me his teeth and playfully makes a face at me. I’m expecting him to say Boo!  He doesn’t.  The more I look at him the more I’m amazed by the experience when suddenly it occurs to me.  This is my face yet not the face I wear in this life.  It’s as if I’m looking in the mirror.  Without a doubt he is me.  My alarm rings a second time. 

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