The Grand Unveiling

Tower of BabelThis dream was very colorful and extremely detailed.  We are building a new high rise circular tower building.  The building is the tallest building planned for the skyline.  I watch them as they dig down into the core of the earth to secure its foundation.  I notice that at the earth’s core it is frozen like the polar ice caps.  They are melting the ice at the earth’s core and laying tiles down with a chemical adhesive.  In the waters of the earth the construction workers find a small crocodile which is now displaced by the construction of the building.  There is a gigantic crane they have on site. A priest comes and places a cross at the top of the crane so as to bless the building as it is being erected.  As the building nears completions and the office spaces are being readied, I walk the corridors wondering where my office space will be.  I consider the position I hold which is a highly ranked position.  From this, I can deduce that the office space that I will be given will have a spectacular view since most of the offices face exterior windows.  In these last days, I have been sleeping at the office.  I have personal space set aside where I have laid my bed.  They are connecting computers and workstations.  Many of the walls of the office are movable.  The day finally comes around for the grand unveiling.  It is at night, I can see the building at night with all the beautiful spot lights focused on the building.  The lights they are using are lavender and blue with red hues.  It is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.  There is a great sense of pride in its accomplishment.


When I got to work the thing that stuck out in the dream most was the cross that was affixed to the top of the crane.  I looked for a picture of a building crane on Wikipedia and noticed that under ancient crane it showed one used for building the Tower of Babel.  Following the link to the Tower of Babel I noticed that that tower like the one in my dream was circular in shape which I thought was an interesting coincidence.  I’m sure there is something here I need to know. 

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