The Illusive Book Review

I thought the hard part would be writing the book.  Now I’m faced with the illusive book review.  Yeah apparently you have to get people to review your book.  Not just anyone will do.  They must be credible book reviewers.  So now my job is to beat the pavement and send out queries to prospective reviewers asking them to review my book.  Once they agree to review your book you need to send them a free copy.  Well I tend to be a bit impatient at certain times so I’ll hire it done.  Yeah I forked out $305 to have a professional book review done of my book.  I retained Clarion to review my book. Here is where we’ll see the objective truth.  All my money guarantees is a fair and honest evaluation of my book.  God willing it will come back glowing.  I think a glowing review in my favor whether I paid for it or not will make it easier to get other free reviews.  I paid the $305 dollars and sent them a copy of the book.  I’m told it takes 6 to 8 weeks to turn around the review.  Stay tuned and mark your calendar.  Will I be glowing or will I be frowning.

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