The Little Buddha's Thimble

Little Buddha

These were incredible dreams as usual.  I was having a dream where I am in a movie theatre.  As I’m waiting for the movie to begin I notice it is awfully dark.  It then occurs to me to stick my hands in front of my face to see if I can see them.  I immediately become lucid.  I then notice that the further from me that I place my hands my hands seem to disappear with distance.  Wanting to disappear myself into the unknown matrix before me I decide to move forward into the disappearing unknown.  I then have a false awakening yet I remain within the theatre.  I can’t seem to move.  I’m stuck as if I am being held down by some invisible force.  I relax and mediate knowing I’ve been able to trigger an out of body experience before under these circumstances.  I manage to move forward just a few inches.  I then realize if I can’t move forward let me grab on to whatever is in front of me and pull back into my reality.  I then leap forward grabbing whatever I can and immediately pull back. 


I immediately awoke from the dream.  Held tightly in my arms was the spirit of a man.  He looked at me in shock and said to me, “…but you died?” “I am not dead,” I said.  I allowed him to look around at my world for a few moments then I gently guided him back into the dimension from where he came. 


I then meditated and gently returned to the wakeful dream.  I then heard him telling others about his vision of me and how I had died and had now come back as a ghost.  As he is saying this to the others I appear in their world.  I am now apparently a ghost within their world.  They showed me how I had died.  I had been pushed out of a moving vehicle.  My body went rolling down a mountainous ravine.  I relived the painful event as they recounted the story and when my spirit left my body I awoke in another dimension.  It was a beautiful and peaceful experience even though the death was very tragic and very painful.  I somehow knew it was meant to happen that way.  I welcomed my death.  I was shown around my celestial home where many were congregating to greet me on my return.  It felt like a mystical place in India with many scents and musical tones.  I then heard the sound of a baby cry in the distance.  I understood their language even though it was not English.  I understood it to be my native tongue. 


I could now see the baby who was wearing bangles on my wrists, waist and feet.  He was learning to stand up on his own and walk.  I somehow knew this child to be the Little Buddha.  I asked to see him.  I wanted to hold him and meet him.  I felt he was being concealed by his family for reasons unknown to me.  His importance was shrouded in great secrecy.  No one knew, but  I somehow knew the truth.  I was allowed to go over and hold him in my arms.  He seemed to want to cling to me as if I was its mother.  As I gave him back he made one final gesture by out stretching his little hand toward me.  I grabbed his little hand and immediately dropped into a painful state of ecstasy.  There was great joy and bliss to be found in the pain.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before in my life. 


ThimbleI was then given a tour of this celestial home.  I was taken to meet an androgynous being who reminded me of a Hindu god.  He was so peaceful I felt his bliss.  Streams of light flowed from his body.  He looked at me with endearing and passionate eyes.  His story he did tell me in a single glance.  I then knew he was the Buddha.  I was then allowed to choose a souvenir to bring back with me.  I chose a thimble. In the thimble I had concealed the etheric essence of this celestial world.  They caught on to what I was trying to do.  So they took the thimble from me and removed the spiritual embers that burned with passion within the thimble.  They said I could not take them with me for their home was in the heavens, so they emptied the thimble and handed it back to me.


They then said that instead they would allow me to bring back a secret.  They walked me down a long corridor to a room with a double door.  They opened the doors to reveal the system responsible for the physical laws required to achieve interstellar travel. He said I could reproduce this system on earth.  My eyes must have bulged out 10 times their normal size.  “Are you kidding me? I’m not a physicist,” I said. He replied, “But I just gave you the secret, would you like me to show that to you again?”  I said, “You better because I don’t know what you are talking about.” He then showed me a model simulation that would make it easier for me to understand. It looked something like a lava lamp with electrical impulses that flowed through the interstellar medium similar to a light bulb.  I understood the interior space to represent outer space.  I could see the luminous jelly like space ships within the lava lamp taking their needed energy from the space within.  Underneath the belly of each craft was a spinning wheel that spun rhythmically with sacred geometry and the light stream of consciousness.


In the story of the Little Buddha, a Hindu Prince called Siddhartha embarks on a journey to attain enlightenment and is viewed by the children in the Story. Mara, a jealous demon, senses that Siddhartha (Keanu Reeves) is about to attain enlightenment and sends his daughters to distract him. Failing to do so, he attempts to shatter Siddhartha’s resolve and thus begins an onslaught of threats, intimidation and temptation. Mara summons a terrifying horde of monsters of every conceivable description but even something as horrific as this still leaves Siddhartha unmoved, unperturbed. Instead he transforms the weapons which these hosts threw at him into lotus petals which exude a lovely fragrance as they gently floated down to earth. Mara decides that Siddhartha will not deny himself and turns into his image in a reflection on a pool of water. Instead Siddhartha reaches and pulls the image out of the water. The classic Buddhist dialogue between Mara and Siddhartha takes place:

Mara: “You who go where others dare not; Will you be my God? The architect of my house?” Siddhartha: “Finally I meet the illusion of self; Your evil house will not be built again.” Mara: “But you live in me; I am your house.” Siddhartha: “O, trickster; phantom of my own ego, you are pure illusion. You, self, do not exist. The earth is my witness to this Supreme Enlightenment.”

Lama Norbu explains that Siddhartha defeated an army of demons, simply through his observance of patience and tolerance. He achieved great peacefulness and compassion, through self-detachment from illusions.

I was currious why of all things I had chosen a thimble to bring back.  So I went to my trusted Wikipedia and learned that thimbles were used to measure spirits.  Interesting play on words. 

I was also unfamiliar with the exact meaning of Interstellar so I promptly looked it up on Wikipedia which lead me to Interstellar Medium.


Before modern electromagnetic theory early physicists postulated that an invisible luminiferous aether existed as a medium to carry lightwaves. It was assumed that this aether extended into interstellar space, as R. H. Patterson wrote in 1862, “This efflux occasions a thrill, or vibratory motion, in the ether which fills the interstellar spaces” (Ess. Hist. & Art 10).


In the late 19th century, luminiferous aether (or ether), meaning light-bearing aether, was the term used to describe a medium for the propagation of light.[1] The word aether stems via Latin from the Greek αθήρ, from a root meaning to kindle, burn, or shine. It signified the substance thought in ancient times to fill the upper regions of space, beyond the clouds.

Later theories including special relativity were formulated without the concept of aether. Today the aether is regarded as a superseded scientific theory.

Maybe it is time we revisit those old theories.  They may hold more truth than our skeptical minds assume.

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