The Spire at Angeles Crest

Thomas Circle 1943 I had a dream that I was staying up in Angeles Crest in the Angeles National Forest. I want to visit the nearby area so I set off on a pilgrimage down the Crest where I remembered as a child there being an observatory which sat atop a spire. I want to once again see the view of the city below from this observation point. This is where I was born. As I set off on the path I notice the many novelty shops along the way. I meet a vendor along the road who is wearing a poncho. He is an indigenous Shaman. I admire his poncho and ask him where he acquired it. He tells me there is a thrift store along the way to the spire. I make a note to myself to pick up a poncho for myself on my way back. He then gives me a phone to use in the event I get lost.I arrive at the spire in no time. The heights from this point are incredibly overwhelming. I feel the rush of feelings and emotions rise from the illusion screen below me. The illusion screen is like an IMAX theatre screen on which life itself is played out. Even though I know it to be an illusion, I can not help but feel the rush of emotions produced by the illusion. It is a kaleidoscope of emotion. It feels euphoric. It takes everything within my power to keep from being swept away. I want to head back but the many waves of emotion cause me to become disoriented. I can no longer remember which road I came down. I ask for help but no one seems to be able to offer assistance. I finally decide to descend the spire into the illusion to get my bearings straight. Once within the illusion, I become aware of the church choir room that sits off to the side of the church. I recognize it as the place where I used to perform. This room is hidden and those who perform here are never given any recognition for the value they bring to the church.

I walk outside the church and find myself out on a traffic circle. I recognize it to be Thomas Circle. It is the place where I was baptized as an adult. From this vantage point I can clearly see the overpass and the road that will lead me back up to Angeles Crest.

It is getting late and I know they normally close of the pass off at dusk. I therefore begin to make my way back by climbing the spire. I remember that I have a phone that the Shaman gave me. I telephone him to let him know to please keep the pass open for me. I’m standing waiting for the phone to connect to the other side. The call goes through. The spire phone beside me begins to ring. I answer it saying, “Hello”, while at the same time my call is answered by the Shaman. Trying to do two things at once now I tell the Shaman my request. At the same time on the spire phone I hear the Shaman say “Hello”, followed by my request. I realize I have both ends of the same phone line one in each hand. Confused I then ask the Shaman, which phone should I bring back? He replies…”Bring back the original phone.” I then look at myself and realize I’m wearing a poncho.

I looked up Thomas Circle on Wikipedia and found:

A statue of General George Henry Thomas by John Quincy Adams Ward was erected in Thomas Circle in 1879. The circle is considered to mark the boundary between the downtown section of 14th Street and the emerging uptown 14th Street neighborhood.

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