The Tree of Life

Tree of LifeI had a dream where I am one among a group of students.  We are preparing for our board certification exams.  I’ve just entered into the curriculum but classes are already well underway.  I apparently have transfer course credit that I can transfer in to place me on par with my new classmates.  I notice my classmates are all in excellent health.  I’m thinking I had better start my diet plan back up again.  Although I don’t remember studying the course material I somehow seem to know the subject matter as if I had lived it.  Considering the subject matter might be too easy for me, I consider the possibility of a dual major. 


At this point I began to awaken, slowly regaining consciousness.  The dream however had not yet ended.  As I lay there in bed fully lucid looking over my course work I saw before me within the dream my third eye looking back at me.  The iris was a beautiful luminescent etheric blue.  Within the pupil I could see lightning flashes of green and blue.  As I looked more carefully at the lighting within the pupil I noticed the lighting had created a pattern in the sky.  Within my pupil was now the tree of life.  Lightning was flowing through it’s many branches and trunk.  Knowing what I was beholding…I was in utter awe.   


My alarm clock sounded so I reached over to snooze it.  I continued to lay there for a few more minutes trying to return.  Instead, I saw an olive green backdrop upon which three hieroglyphs appeared.  My alarm sounded again.  It was time to awaken. 



Modern Tree of LifeI went to Wikipedia to find an image to use for my post and read a little bit about the origins of the tree of life.  Interestingly the last picture image on the Wikipedia page, which I did not like because it didn’t look like a tree, is a graphical representation of the modern “Tree of Life on the Web” project.  When I clicked to enlarge this photos it strinkingly resemples an iris with the tree within the pupil. The hieroglyphs I saw look much like the hand drawn tree of life on the same Wikipedia page that Darwin hand sketched. 

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