The Truth Above A Lie

Video PhoneLast night I had a dream as soon as I laid my head down on my pillow.  In the dream I pick up the phone to call my first partner, now my ex, Jerry who lives in Los Angeles.  I’m waiting for him to answer the phone.  The minute he answers I not only hear his voice but I can see him sitting in his house alone.  He appears to be seated in front of a hidden video camera.  He sits directly in front of me but is unaware that I can see him.  In the background, I can see the furnishings inside his house.  I am confused not knowing how it is possible I can see into his house.  Is this a true representation of his house?  I assume it is not.  What I am seeing must be my own surroundings.  He is completely unaware that I can see him as he is focused solely on our voice conversation. 

I ask him how he is doing and if he is seeing anyone in his life.  He responds by telling me a long story about how he has been alone all this time.  As he is telling me this someone walks down a flight of stairs into the room where he is.  It is a very good looking young man who has apparently overheard our conversation.  He is making a great deal of noise as he walks into the room.  The sound I hear over the phone corresponds with his movement and noise the man is making in the house.  The man evidently is aware of me and wants me to make the connection with the truth.  I hear a distinct voice tell me, “He is lying to you.”  An inner knowing tells me the man in his house is the man he is seeing and what I am seeing is the truth.   

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