The Twilight Zone

The Twilight ZoneA strange thing happened to me last night as I was lying in bed meditating.  As usual I began to see the wonderfully colorful lights pan back and forth in my minds eye.  I then saw children approach floating in the void space within my mind. They asked if they could approach me.  I mentally agreed allowing them to come near to me.  The closer they came the deeper I went into trance.  I was however fully conscious and aware of everything that was happening.  They said they had brought me something that I had been longing for.  One of them preceded to hand me an etheric substance which he held in the palm of his right hand that I can only describe as some form of etheric plasma.  It was a very dense luminescent blue color. It was similar to the substance that gathers to form spirit energy but this was highly concentrated. He asked me to hold out my hand to receive the gift of spirit. He then placed it in the palm of my left hand.  In awe I examined it carefully massaging it gracefully with my fingers to feel its consistency.  This was the purest form I had ever seen; like soap suds it clung to my hand.  This gift of spirit was virgin in the sense that it had never been used to manifest any form before.  This was the substance with which creation unfolds.


The children sat around me as we all watched with great intent.  I lost myself in the awe of the moment.  I then turned to my partner and told him to turn and look at what was in my hand, but he was fast asleep lying next to me.  Wanting him to share in this moment with me, I nudged him with my right elbow being careful not to take my eyes off this precious gift which I held in my hand.  In that same moment I felt something suddenly hit the left side of my nose.  Startled but still within the trance I realized I don’t have a partner so who is this person lying next to me?  I then opened my eyes to figure out what had hit my face. 


I opened my eyes and literally had to back away from a green probe that hung suspended within an inch of the bridge of my nose.  It looked like a robotic arm of some sort.   It too was etheric and luminescent. The length of the arm formed a tunnel a vortex through which I could see multi colored light streaming toward me.  I quickly closed my eyes again and found myself back in the trance from which I had just come out of.  My partner to my right who I know doesn’t exist in real life was still lying next to me.  I then considered this mystery carefully and noticed my arm and elbow, with which I had just bumped my partner to get his attention, was hovering just above the bridge of where his nose would be.   


Welcome to the Twilight Zone moment.

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