To Know the Stars at Night

AsrologyLast night I had a dream where I am an heiress to an incredible fortune that came to me by way of a divorce.  I am living in Hawaii.  Everything is so beautiful here.  At one point I look up at the sky and see very large fish swimming among the clouds looking at me, observing me.  I ask myself how this is possible.  I am told that both the water and the sky are so clear that they reflect each other perfectly.  The fish I see swimming in the sky are those that are in the sea and are simply reflected in the sky.  It is like a mirror unto itself. This land is a paradise.  You can be at sea level while at the same time, be among the tops of the highest snow caped mountains.  Most here are wealthy enough to afford to have their own small private planes.  It is the easiest way to move about from island to island.  Even though this land has everything I could ever want for and my fortune allows me to access to just about anything, I still want only one thing in life; to know the stars at night.  

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