Triceratops; Flight of the Condor: Part II

TriceratopsLast night as I was nodding off to sleep I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  I opened my eyes and sitting upon my bed was a reptilian looking creature.  He had a face similar to a horse with a long snout.  He also had a frill on the back of his neck that rose like feathers above his head.  Like all spirits I see he too was transparent.  I could only see his head as if he were peering into my world from a vantage point within his.  He was talking to me.  I could see his lips moving and his facial gestures but I could not hear any sound.  His distinct features made me wonder if I was simply imagining things.  His details were too perfect to be a creation of my imagination.  He reminded me of a triceratops except he had no visible horns. I carefully looked around the room to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  Tired as I was I lay there in bed watching him until sleep overtook me.  I then rolled over and fell asleep.


Moments later I hear a loud but familiar hum of engines.  These are not normal engines.  It is the familiar hum of space ships. The aliens are back. I then feel someone tugging at my arms.  I opened my eyes in real life and now on the other side of my bed was Triceratops pulling at my arms.  I was amazed that he actually had the ability to physically pull on my arms such that I could actually feel it.  I knew there was something he wanted me to pay attention to. 


I then closed my eyes and immediately I entered into a wakefully induced lucid dream state.  The rest of the night I remained in this wakeful dream state with Triceratops pulling at my arms when I’d drift too deeply into sleep. 


Grand CanyonIn the dream I am confronted face to face with the Black Condor from my previous dream. He stands the height of a giant man ominous and huge with a great wingspan. His feathers are unlike any birds feathers.  Fully lucid, I recognize that I am in another dimension.  I too am a Condor (blue) except my wings only shown when I with a relaxed but focused intent channel the hum of the universe.   Then and only then do my wings shown as big and wide as the Black Condor.  I am to confront him on his own turf.  I am given time to adjust to my new environment so that we might be on a level playing field.  I’ve never flown with wings as great and powerful as these.  I somehow instinctively know how to command the forces within this world.  It feels as if the energy from the earth is rising up and flowing through my body, expanding my wings.  I immediately take flight as if I was going up in an elevator at a tremendous speed.  I can feel my stomach drop into my groin as the exhilaration rushes through me.  I am in a steep canyon with very high cliffs with many ledges that are carved into the rock face as if people lived here in and among the rocks.  I can hear the sound and feel the rush of wind against my wings.  The feeling is so incredible I can’t believe I’m experiencing this. 


The exhilaration is too much so I decide to land upon a perch to catch my breath.  “Am I really awake?”  I then feel a tug and I open my eyes to see Triceratops beside me holding my arms.  All I can think is, “I want more.”  I immediately close my eyes and instantly return to the place where I had perched.  Again I relax with focused intent to resonate with the hum of the universe bringing its energy into my body through the earth below me.  The feeling lifts me again to new heights but this time I notice that I am not being held from behind as before.  I am without my safety.  I feel one hand upon my side.  This hand is the only thing holding me securely in this position. I fear I have climbed too high so I begin to descend.   My body begins to tilt forward.  All I can think is to cry out for my mother.  I then remember that I can simply open my eyes and return to the safety and comfort of my bed.  I immediately open my eyes to find myself still lying on my side.  Wanting more, I immediately close my eyes and return to the exact place where I had left off, but now it is time to confront the Condor. He is now in pursuit and I have only one hand gently securing my safety.  Feeling I need additional protection I reach behind me to where the hands would be to hopefully bring them forward to place them tightly around my waist.  They are no longer there.  I am now flying solo.  I frenziedly pat myself down looking for the arms that once held me secure, but I don’t find them.  I then take notice of my own arms and hands before me.  From both my hands is streaming forth an intense blue light.  I now feel the presence of God within me.  I can see the valley floor below me. I know I can’t retaliate with force against the Condor.  Instead I decide to use the light within me to bestow a blessing upon the earth; the earth who gave me this gift of flight.  I open my palms in front of me as I soar above the land.  The light from my hands is now going forth with tremendous force upon the land.  White spirits begin to emerge from the land. These captive souls have somehow been set free.  They are flying up to the heavens at tremendous speed like arrows they are flying toward me. 


Instinctively I pull the covers up over my head and open my eyes to avoid the impact of the arrows.  The Condor is under my sheets!  His face is pressed up against my forehead.  He is angry that I have freed the souls of those who dwell captive below the earth.  In shock I freeze motionless under my covers not knowing what to do.  He has me pinned down.  Remembering back, I knew the only thing I could effectively do was to simply love the Condor.  I then relaxed and smiled and looked gently into the eyes of the Condor.  His image began to become grossly disfigured.  He was nothing more than an illusion.    I slowly pulled the covers away from my face in total disbelieve of all that I had just experienced.  With dawn approaching, Triceratops was now gone. 


I lay back down and closed my eyes.  Within moments I find myself sitting in a comfortable armchair playing a board game. This is a flight simulator designed to help one master the gift of flight.  It requires mental control to command the elements on the game board.  The game board is a very large flat panel monitor which hangs on a wall in front of me.  All the moves are done with the power of the mind.  I’m practicing the art of mind control to create wormholes on the fly through with to move elements positioned on the board.   My skill level is high.  I love the game as it is very challenging.  Joe comes by and asks me what I’m doing.  He asks if I would like to do something with him.  I’m more interested in mastering the game.  I seem to be addicted to the game.  I know that mastering this skill will be priceless.  I show him the ease with which I command the forces on the board hoping to entice him in the game.  This is the leading edge of all things worth having. 


I then realize that my eyes emit a light that others can perceive; specifically those currently positioned on the game board.  I’m now challenged to find a way of maneuvering my way through the board without being noticed much like an undercover agent.  This is a challenge considering my multidimensional sight depends on the light which my eyes emit.  I must acquire another sense of vision.  Suddenly my whole environment changes and now I’m hiding deep within the sands of the earth. Everywhere I look my piercing laser vision creates a wormhole.  I can’t conceal myself in sand.  I then try to conceal myself in the waters of the ocean. This appears to be a more formidable environment.  One in which I might be able to retain an edge on the game board.  

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