Who Are You? The Coral Forest

This morning I woke up thinking I couldn’t remember my dream. I then got up and went to the bathroom and returned to bed to do my 10 minute snooze. I then closed my eyes. 10 minutes later my alarm rang for the second time. I turned it off thinking I guess I wasn’t going to have a dream or morning visions that I could remember. I waddled in the warmth of my bed a minute longer and suddenly had a vision. I could see what appeared to be forest green colored coral which was moving as if it was on a turntable. As it turned on the left of my field of vision the coral would fade into a coffee cream color. I noticed some of the coral reminded my of palm trees. I then suddenly saw a man who approached from the coffee colored cream on the left of my vision. I noticed he had a short stubble sandy blond beard. He acknowledged me. I could see he was talking to me. Knowing I only had less than a minute to be with him I asked him my one question. Who are you?

Stone of Mystic Diplomacy

Once thought to be a plant, Coral has been considered the “garden of the sea”, even in so much as the variety of coloring it presents in. Coral symbolizes happiness and joy, enabling it’s bearer to enjoy life to its fullest.

The ancient texts tell us that people once believed that the planet Mars was actually composed of Coral due to its coloring and striations. Records date back thousands and thousands of years confirming that Coral has been used as jewelry and in decorative objects by peoples all over the world.

According to historians and Greek mythology, when Perseus cut off the head of the Medusa Gorgon, some of the blood dropped into the sea and solidified into Coral.

Ancient Egyptians would place Coral pieces in tombs of those that passed as protection against evil spirits in the afterworld, as they thought that it truly contained a drop a divine blood.

Coral may be found in colors such as red, pink, orange, black, blue and white.

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